12 Amazing Vinyl Records Project

Vinyl records are timeless, even though not all of us had the chance to listen to records anymore. Still they will live even at the end of it's musical purpose. Try to look at your parents basement and be creative to make a hip decoration using scratched Vinyl records to cool up your home. 

Butterflies Wall Decor

Portable Cair

Wall Clock 

Cupcake Stand 

Decorative Lamp 

DIY Side Table 

Faces Artwork 

Trendy Bags 

Floor Design

Magazine Racks 

Table Top 

Vinyl Records Table Lamp 

Bottle Cap Design on Table, Floor and Walls

Bottle cap crafts is a fantastic way to make the most out of a bottle top collection that you're not sure what to do with. The type of art and craft possible are endless, So start collecting bottle cap now and building something from nothing.

Eco-House of Trash Bottle Cap Wall Mural 

Bottle Cap Ceiling

Recycled Car HubCaps

Ptolemy Elrington is an artist of some of this sculpture made entirely of lost car hubcaps. He generally found hubcaps on side of the road and fixes it together using wires to create an amazing creatures. He do this in full time and made some crazy stuff out of wheel covers like fish, dolphins, dogs etc. 

Wild Boar


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