Recycled TeaCups & Saucer

Here is another great ideas to recycle and repurpose some of your old and not inuse porcelain tea cups and saucers set.

Tea Cup Lighting


Cup of Light

Kitchen Hanger

Decorative Cup and Saucer 

Teacup Lamps

Tea Cup Light

Solar Light 

Decorative Planters

Repurpose Cup & Saucer

Cup Lighting

LampShade Stand

Recycled Bowls and Baskets

A new list of project, recycled bowls and basket. See below a set of creative bowls and basket as simple and easy to make, made from thrown away metals, plastic to magazine pages.Very cool,easy and fun to make!

Bike Chain Bowls

Hue Bamboo Recycled Plastic Basket

Magazine Paper Basket

Recycled Telephone Wire Basket

Recycled Paper Woven Bowls

Vinyl Record Bowls

Snack Wrapper Bowls

Spoon Fruit Bowl

Discarded Plastic Candy Wrappers Bowl

Chopsticks Folding Basket

Recycled Plastic Wrappers Bowl Silver

Recycled Key Basket

Recycled Indoor Decoration

Are you having a problem over what to do with your trash in your storage room? Here are fun ways for making the best from trash. Looking for some indoor creative ideas?, then take a look at the pictures below:

Coffee Table Car Tires

Centerpiece Paper Bouquet Vases

Paper Cardboard Decor

Rolled Magazine Pages

Suitcase Shelves

Bottle Caps as Tiles 

Old Guitar Housing

CD Wallpaper

Leather Belt Shelf

Leather Belt Bookshelf

Rake Jewelry Organizer

Pebbled Flower Vase Made Out of a Pringles Can

Leather Belts for Decorating Vases and Flowerpots

Leather Rug Belt

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